What are presets?

  • Presets are filters that make your photos look a certain way. 

  • Make your photos unique

  • Save hours of editing time, one click is all you need  

  • Attract more people 

  • No, there is also a special Lightroom Mobile Pack that I have made for you, however if you really want your photos to pop, you'll have to get the Premium Features which Adobe sells for 4,99 €/month.

  • I'm offering free guides on my Website that will help you with the installation and the adjustments. Even if you've never used Lightroom before, this will be an easy process that will save you hours of editing time.

  • As a bonus, you will also receive PDF files that will explain everything step by step.

  • It is not necessary, but I would highly recommend you to shoot RAW. That will allow you to change a lot more details and make the photo exactly the way you want it to be.

Why use presets?

Do you need a computer to use presets?

How do I use the presets?

Do I need to shoot RAW to use the presets?

Why do my photos not look like yours after applying a preset?

  • I spend a lot of time editing and I am constantly changing my presets. If the ones you purchased don't look the same, don't be alarmed. You just have to adjust the filter accordingly so it will look the way you want. If there should be any difficulties, you can gladly send me an email.

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